NeuroTechnology™ Meditate


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Immediate download of album in MP3 256. Includes instructions and cover art.

TLC NeuroTechnology™ Meditate is a complex mixture of Binaural beats, Monaural beats and Isochronic pulses in the low-Beta and Alpha range.

‘Meditate’ encourages the production of brain waves that are naturally characteristic of a light meditative state and gently synchronizes the hemispheres of the brain. Twice daily listening will reap almost immediate benefits in calming the mind, ability to focus and combating excessive rumination – known to build negative neuronal networks which, if left unchecked, hamper personal development. Six months continuous use of ‘Meditate’ is an excellent introduction to meditation and serves to entrain the brain to a synchronized state after which time you can take off the training wheels and work on self-initiating the meditative state. Full instructions are included for this simple transition (approx. 20 minutes).


I have been using ‘Meditate’ for nearly three months now. I listen for 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes at night. With it’s help I have finally managed to make meditation a regular (and very enjoyable) part of my daily life. I’ve noticed real changes in my sense of well-being — I feel calmer, more balanced, and more able to cope with whatever life throws at me. Highly recommended.
Paul M. West Midlands, UK

For the past four months each morning I have set my alarm earlier 20 mins earlier than usual and do ‘Meditation’ before I begin my day, the second session is in the evening just before I go to bed. The constant noise in my mind has almost gone completely and there have been other things that have happened. During a few sessions I had the sensation of floating above my body, I have also had a communication of a personal nature from someone who was here to help me, both of these things were not expected at all but I found it interesting and exciting. On a daily basis my mind and my body is much calmer and I am finding that this is making my life easier, I am going to continue until all of the ‘mind noise’ has gone and then see if I can do it on my own without using ‘Meditate’.
Patricia M, Spain.

I don’t mind if you wish for me to be mentioned by name, yes I am profoundly deaf, and have been so for several years, I wasn’t sure at first that ‘Meditate’ would work for me, so far it has been a complete surprise, I must admit I did wonder what I was hearing, as for some reason I expected music,but found at first I couldn’t, get beyond the popping and rushing, then I started to hear lots of different things, and each time its slightly different, like I hear music in my right ear and singing in my left with rushing almost like a waterfall. I’m not a very relaxed person at the best of times and , still find it difficult to not let my mind wonder off, but I’m working on that and will continue to persevere. Everyone can find 20 mins twice each day. Thanks so much
Dawn KG, USA.

I have been using Meditate twice daily for one year, I entertain absolutely no negative thoughts what so ever, my mind is completely clear, at 82 years of age you need that, I sleep 8 hours a night and I am calm and relaxed, what’s more I find that what ever I apply myself to as far as my daily tasks go I can accomplish.
Keith R, Wales.